Funders dashboard

To login to your funder's dashboard use the email address that you've made your contribution with and the funder's code as the password.

What do Funders get?

This website is supported by our Indiegogo Funders and thanks to their generosity we're able to serve those vivid computer dreams.

To thank them and keep them motivated we've set up a Funder's dashboard that enables them to:

- access uploading and processing of dreams immediately, outside the queue
- keep a list of all the dreams made by them so far
- hibernate, the longest dream option that makes the effect even more prominent
- get dreams in higher resolution
- get dreams without the watermark

What's next?

That's not the end of it, we're working on implementing even more benefits for our Funders:

- advanced dream settings, in which you'll be able to tweak parameters of your dreams
- if you have suggestions about the Funders needs please contact us at [email protected]

Want to become a Funder?

Contact us at [email protected]